How to display event details in site search results

SEO is necessary for any website that lists both local and industry-specific events. Any event organizer or local website should be aware of available SEO opportunities for ranking your events in search results.

There are two types of events searches:

  • Specific event
  • Types of event

A specific event will be the specific event. A single event with a date, time, duration, location, and so on.

Types of events are probably going to be browsing. They know what kind of event they’re looking to attend, but don’t have a specific event in mind.

You can find the specifics for making up your website with Event Schema at

You can use JSON-LD script to search engine with the event information. You can just put this script into the header.

                           "@context": "",
                           "@type": "EducationEvent",
                           "name": "Ansible Training",
                           "description" : "scmGalaxy offers online and classroom training for DevOps, Build & Release, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible etc. courses with the help of expert trainers.",
            "eventStatus": "open",
                  "image" : "",
                           "location": {
                           "@type": "Place",
                           "name" : "Online Classroom",
                               "@type": "PostalAddress",
                               "name" : "Online Classroom",
                               "addressLocality": "Ansible Training",
                               "addressRegion": ""
                           "url": ""
            { "@type": "AggregateOffer",
                                                    "validFrom": "14/07/2018",
                                                    "lowPrice": "000.0000",
             "url" : "",
             "availability": "In-stock",
             "availabilityStarts": "25/06/2018",
             "inventoryLevel" :"no limit",
                                                    "price": "000.0000",
             "priceCurrency": "₹"
                           "startDate": "14/07/2018",
                           "endDate" : "14/08/2018",
                           "url" : ""

You can test your code using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool!


This is the best way to get insight into how Google is reading your event page, and you can edit the code.

You can preview how your event may appear in Search!

Then you may also be able eligible to your site Google Search results.