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About Tatanagar

Jamshedur is the industrial capital city of Jharkhad. Jamshedpur also called Tatanagar after the name of it railway station. It is located on the Chhota Nagpur plateau.

Jamshedpur Urban Area is the third Largest city in Eastern India. It is also the first planned industrial city of our country. This city Jamshedpur are highly rich in minerals, including iron ore, coal, manganese and lime. Some of these areas are Jamadoba, Noamundi and West Bokaro.

Jamshedur is called the hub of industries and factories, occupied by numbers of steel plant, factories of iron, mica, and other mineral. This city used to be the fastest growing, and now also city because of it is surrounded by rich mineral and the great efforts and contribution of Mr. Jamshedi tata.

Jamshedour is the first city of having steel and iron company in India.The population of Jamshedpur is of 1,337,131.And jamshedpur is still a developing city.


Industries in Tatanagar

The basic economy of Tatanagar or Jamshedpur is depend on the major industries of steel , iron ,and other mineral & metal production. there are som companies like TELCO, The Indian Tube Company, Tata Yodogawa Ltd. Tata Robbins Fraser Ltd, The Indian Cable Company, The Tinplate Company of India Ltd, Indian Steel and Wire Products, JEMCO, etc.
But besides that many small and medium industries are playing major role to generate the regular revenue to run & balance the economy of Tatanagar like,

⦁ Motor vehicle manufacturing industries (Tata motor, Telcon)

⦁ Cloths & fabric manufacturing industries

⦁ Government sector, (JIT), Jamshedpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) etc.

⦁ Other small cottage industries

⦁ Food processing and production industries

⦁ Railway and other transportation companies etc.


Other business in Tatanagar

Tatanagar is the largest populated city. And millions of people lives here. So in term to satisfy the all the needs and requirement of the citizen only major industries are not enough.That’s is why Jamshedpur is occupied by many other big or large scale business. And all these business play a great role to balance the economic condition of the city as well as the needs of people. These are some business from different sectors.

  • Education sector

There are many schools, collages, vocational collages and universities in Jamshedpur ( R.V.S engineering collage. karim city collage ).

  • Art & culture

There are numbers of Art galleries, music & dance classes, art and painting classes, museum are running here.

  • Government sectors

The Mango Municipal Corporation (MMC), Jamshedpur Municipal Corporation (JMC), state govt. and central govt. are working in Jamshedpur.

  • Hospitality – Hotels, Travel, Tourism & Entertainment

Hotels, Restaurants, park and cricket stadium, Tourist Spots, Religious Places, Museums, Amusement Parks, Cinema.

  • Shopping mall , outlets and showrooms

There are bikes & car showrooms, shopping malls, jewelry shops, garments and & foot ware shops are working in very large scale in Tatanagar.

  • Freelancers & professional

Professionals are giving their individual capacity, chartered Accountants, Consultants, Engineers,Doctors Lawyers & other Freelancers.

  • Transportation

Bus and other private vehicle transportation in Mango and Sakshi.

  • Other business and trades in Adityapur .

Shops, Bank, complex, trade & other business are spread over Adityapur area in Jamshedpur.

  • Agriculture and farming

Dairy products and other crops and farming are also the part of business in Jamshedpur.


How website will help the business owner in Tatanagar?

Jamshedpur is still a developing and growing city. In the city like jamshedpur! companies and business owner are not so aware of the advantage of having websites for business. In this electronic & online era having a website is a very essential for the business owner. Website is a platform, where business owner of Jamshedpur can promote their business over internet, Google and all over the world. Because a website gives your 24- hours promotion and surfing service so that any one can find your business, service and products anytime sitting at their home.
Having website is the smartest, low cost and easiest way to run your business fast and successful. A website do many promotional and business growing activity for your business like as given below.

⦁ 24-hour accessibility
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⦁ Satisfaction of Business owner and customer
⦁ Smart & Low cost business promotion
⦁ Easy description & details of your product and service for your customer
⦁ popularity of your website world wide and successful business.


How Website will help the professional in Tatanagar?

Jamshedpur is one of the major and developing city of Jharkhand and the basic economy is depend on mineral production like, iron, steel. and agriculture production. And other local business and but apart from that some professionals like doctor, lawyer, restaurant business owner and Real Estate business developer are also play a major role for the economy of Jamshedpur. A website gives the platform to promote and establish the Different profession and others business also. So website can help these professionals to establish their profession and business like,

⦁ Doctors can make their portals and website and to promote his profession in google. And can gives his service to the localite and outsiders.

⦁ Lawyer can register and make his own website and portal to advertise and promote his professions and skill. So he can get more clients and people .

⦁ A Jamshedpur is also tourist place and numbers of visitors use to visit Jamshedpur for business and tour. So a restaurant business owner can make his own portal and website and promote his service and product over internet and Google.

⦁ A Real Estate business can make their own website or portal to promote their business in google. And can drive number of customer. And website add many social media to your business. So your profession get more popular in a very smartest way.


What is the advantage of having Online Presence for Business Owner?

In today’s time having online presence for the business owner & the professionals has become the very essential part to run his business fast and easily. Online presence is the the platform, that provide the easiest facility to promote and advertise your service and business directly to your users and customer. Social media and network like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. also play the great role to enhance the capability of website in terms of advertise your business, website, product and service. It promote your business 24-hours means you are connected with your users and customers 24/7. Apart from these there are many other advantage of online presence given below.

Online presence put the correct presentation & information of your website & business to the user and customer
⦁ 24-hours promotion and advertisement of your products and service
⦁ popularity and high ranking of your website over google
⦁ 24/7 accessibility
⦁ Drive more customer
⦁ Direct sale and purchase facility through online process
⦁ Brief details of each service and product
⦁ Customer satisfaction & support
⦁ Reviews of customer to make your service better to best!

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