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 About Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. The name Ranchi is taken from the Kurukh word “archi” which farmers used this word while plouging .It Is located in in southern part of of the” Chhota Nagpur ” pleatue. The total are of Ranchi is6,100/km2 (16,000/sq mi) Metro[2] ,1,126,741 (39th).Rank in India is 38th.It is the third largest populated city of Jharkhand. The Jharkhand was formed as a state in 15 November 2000.It is the 28 number of state of India.

The population of Ranchi is 2912022,female are 1418646 and male are 1493363 respectively .And sex ratio is (950 females Per 1000 Males).Ranchi is still a one of the developing city .And has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission.

Industries in Ranchi
Ranchi industries are spread all over in Ranchi as well as near by area.the industries of Ranchi is distributed in three scale large scale, medium scale, and small sale industry.The total industrial unit of Ranchi is 4066 and the registered unit is 3307.The industries of Ranchi is a kind of self structured or an autonomous body running by Ranchi Industrial Area Development Authority (RIADA).It is playing a role to provide Ranchi industries the various help to grow like.

• Technical knowledge, and skill development
• It organize and arrange loans and banking finance in easy way
• Project selection along with location
• Proper Electrical and water supply to the industries.

But a largest number of employment given through large scale industries like , mining industries, engineering company ,and other large industries .and other small and medium industries also playing a leading role to provide employement of Ranchi people .
There is number of well know large ,medium and small scale industries & companise in Ranchi

Usha martin Ltd.tatisilway ranchi.
Waxpol Ind. Limited, Tatisilway
Balaji Wire Ind., Mahilong
Amod info
Basudev automobile.
Birla institute of technology . Bootymore
Pragati Chemicals, Namkum etc.


Other Business in Ranchi

The population of Ranchi is very vast in fact it is the third largest populated city in the state. So to satisfy the dense population of the city only major industries are not enough. So in terms to fulfill the requirement of people of Ranchi . The business of Ranchi is mainly distributed various kinds of small scale industries, shops and different kind of trades in Ranchi. apart from that the Real Estate business has also been playing a major role in the business sector of Ranchi.
Every year, a large number of people visit Ranchi for both business and pleasure trips. For this reason, many hotels have been built in and around the city to provide accommodation to these travelers .And Ranchi is also a famous tourist place so all these hotels and restaurants, shopping mall are playing major role. The banking system of Ranchi are playing great role to establish such business in Ranchi.

How website will help the business owner in Ranchi?
In this modern and electronic era, trade ,business and people are on internet to spread information and to get information quickly.In all over the world, and also most of the developing and established city of India all business are getting online through their website on internet and in google for the growth & success of their business.
But in the city like Ranchi ! people and business owner are not very aware of the advantage of having websites for business and trades. Now question how website is important for the growth of the business owners in Ranchi .? Answer is, if you’re in the business world, information is critical. You need to have a website for your customers.Because a website is a platform that do many promotional activity to promote your business world wide like,
• Advertisement of your business , product ,and service .

24-hour access-A website contain all the information of your business so people can search you from anywhere and can contact you anytime .because website are visible 24-hours in the internet
Customer satisfaction-Having a website will be the convenient option for your customers and leads. Make it easy for your customers to purchase from you! Many will be more likely to visit your website, rather than driving a car to find your physical location and roaming for your products and service.
Increase the customer-Not only traditional customer but more outsider customer will visit your website and and will purchase your products too thats how your business popularity will increase too along with customers.
Increase sales- If you are a business owner website help you to drive more customer to purchase your product by doing promotion online and over social network, and updating the various changes regarding your business.
• Link building and long term customer- having a websites gives your business to gain more clients and keep your in touch for long time.It website also build up your link and business network .
Increase the popularity in many other places-Website not only make your business popular in your city but it also expand your business in many other region also. By online promotion and advertisement.


 How Website will help the professional in Ranchi?
Ranchi is one of the developing city of Jharkhand and and having very large population. In this present time all are busy like bee, in their hectic schedule and busy life which is occupied by numbers of stuffs and works .But personal & professional stuff can’t be avoid and circumstance is fortunate .So to meet our needs and stuff we need to go to the professionals like doctors ,lawyer, Real Estate business developers ,restaurant etc .
But no one has much time to go out physically and verify service, product or stuff .So it is very essential to have website for the professionals of Ranchi through which people can click your website at home and get information . Websites will help the professionals of Ranchi in many ways given below.
For the doctors & lawyers- A website will contain a brief information like about your identity ,service ,qualification , work experiences & practice , contact details ,location ,specialization of the work and service , visit and meeting appointment timings etc. So needy people will be able to you connect online and your profession will grow high.
For the restaurant- There is numbers of restaurants in Ranchi now-a-days .so competetion is very high to compete and be individual & specific among others. But a website can make your restaurant business successful because it give you the platform to promote your service and products.
Real Estate business developers – just like in other profession website also helps Real Estate business developers to promote their brand , business offer , productivity, selling price structure ,brief details of the service and plans, contact details. And website add many social media to give presence means your are being only through website with lots of other network like, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What is the advantage of having Online Presence for Business Owner?
There is no doubt that having an online presence is essential for every business owner for the success image over people. Being well represented online is necessary to becoming successful in most business industries. An online presence connect your business with every available social media where million of people get online and surfing most of their time like in Facebook,Twitter, linkedin etc. So through these online media your business hammer in their mind again and again . So they visit your website and spend more time reading pages. That’s how your website get popular in Google and create more traffic. There is many reason that describe the advantage of online presence.
• 24/7 accessibility
• Popularity of your business and industries.
• Advantage of sell and purchase online
• Improve customer service by interacting with them directly
• 24-hour advertisement and up to date facility of your business.
• Easy and affordable way to market your brand
• A simple and easy way to get instant reviews, So you can make ur business and service far better.

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