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About Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. It is very big city and sometimes it is referred to as the “Gateway of UP” because it is close to New Delhi, and the main entrance to Uttar Pradesh.

Ghaziabad is a historical city. It was founded by Gha-zi-eudin the minister of Moghul Emperor Ahmadshah and Alamgir 2nd, in the year 1740. Initially it was known as Ghaziuddinnagar, And afterwards it known as Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is a major industrial hub in North India. And it is one of the dynamic Indian city and has an approximate population of 4,661,452. The females are around 46% of the Ghaziabad population, whereas, the males are 54% of the entire population.

If you talking about the People & culture of Ghaziabad one can also come to know about the rich cultural activities of the Ghaziabad people. The music, dance, hands & crafts mainly reflect the fine taste of the people of Ghaziabad.

The climate of Ghaziabad is similar to that of Delhi with summer temperatures lies between 43°C to 30°C and in winter the temperature fluctuates between 25 °C to 5°C. The monsoon arrives in the district during the end of the June or the first week of July and normally it rains til October.


Industries in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a large and planned industrial city, well connected by roads and railways, and is the administrative headquarters of Ghaziabad District as well as being the primary commercial part of India. It is also indulge with many small and medium scale industries apart from major industries.

  •  Some major industries & companies

-Rathi Ispat Limited: This steel manufacturing plant

-Ghaziabad Ispat Udyog Limited: This steel manufacturing company’s

-Bharat Electronics Limited

-Central Electronics Limited

-Tatas (Tata Oil Mills)

-Danfoss India Ltd

-Indo- Bulgar Food Ltd

-Mahadev Industries for steel wire ropes, wire ropes slings, carbon wire rope slings, wire rope & wire rope slings, construction wire rope,etc.

-Aerotech Equipments & Projects Pvt Ltd.


Other economy (trades & business)

The economy Ghaziabad is heavily dependent on the industries, which are the real assets of the city. Millions of people lives in Ghaziabad The large part of economy basically depend on the major industries of Ghaziabad. But apart from the industries many large, medium and small scale business are working in Ghaziabad and all these business contributes a big part of its income to the economy of the city.

These are following business are established in Ghaziabad

– Equipments
– Dairy products
– Tobacco production
– Ceramics, pottery
– Industrial machinery equipments
– Sorts of electrical and electronic goods.

Some other factories of the following production

– Bicycles
– picture tubes
– Electroplating
– Glassware
– Vegetable oil
– Tapestry, paint and varnish products to name a few of them
– Real estate business

Other Economy from service sector

Education, Art & culture, Shops & retail, professionals like, Doctors, Lawyers, chartered accountants, Real estate business developers, Sports & equipments, medicine, clinic, despensery, model & actors, trades & merchants etc.


How website will help the business owner in Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad is one of the fastest growing and populated city in India. and it is the third largest developing city after Mumbai. The business and economy of this city are very established, naturalized, developed but still the business owner of this city are not much aware of the benefits and advantage of online promotion and internet advertisement for their business.

But the websites is an opportunity for the business. that can bring a revolutionary change into their business. Website is a platform where they can promote their business over google and all over the world any time anywhere. Because website contain all the information & details of business and service, and directly convey to the user or customer.

So people can search you easily and contact instantly to purchase the product and service of your business. Having a website is the smart, low cost and easiest way to run your business fast and successful, and website do various of promotional activities to promote your business world wide like,

  • Show case of your product and service
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Continuous advertisement with social media
  • Increase the audience and customer
  • Business owner and customer satisfaction
  • Low cost business promotion and affordable maintenence
  • Easy to describe the details of your product and service
  • Increase sales
  • Long term customer
  • website work as a 24 hour marketing tool!

How Website will help the professional in Ghaziabad?

In the city like Ghaziabad Having a website helps the professionals like doctors, lawyers, Real estate business developers, restaurant owner to convey to customers that you are a professional business, and gives them more confidence in your capabilities.

*Lawyers of Chennai can make his own website and portal to advertise and promote his professions and skill. So he can get more clients and people .

*A Real Estate business can make their own website and promote and easy advertise of their business in google . And can drive number of customer. Social media like, Facebook, Twitter, also help to convey the business directly to the customer.

*Doctors of Ghaziabad can make their portals and website and to promote his profession in Google. And also in social media. So doctors can drive numbers of and a good amount of popularity.

*Restaurant business owner can make his own portal and website and promote his service and product over internet and Google. Numbers of customer you can drive at one time. It gives 24-hour accesbility to promote your service and business.


What is the advantage of having Online Presence for Business Owner?

Having a website for the business not is enough to run your business successfully. Website needs the equal partnership of online presence because having online presence for the business owner has become the very essential part to run his business fast and easily. Online presence brings your accessibility and capability of your service and business directly to your user and customer.

Social media and network play the great role to advertise your business product and service. It promote your business 24-hours. It hammer your website products and service to the customer. Apart from these there is many other advantage of online presence given below.

  • Online presence delivers the straight details and information of your website & business to the user and customer
  • 24-hours promotion and advertisement of your products and service
  • Direct effect to the user
  • 24-hours promotion and advertisement
  • accessibility
  • Direct sale and purchase facility by online process
  • Brief details of each service and product
  • Customer satisfaction 24/7 support
  • Business popularity
  • Reviews of customer to make your service better to best.

How Cotocus will help the business in Ghaziabad?

Cotocus is one of the leading website development company in India as well as out side of the country. We develop and design website for your business, We promote your business over Google, Internet as well as in Social media.  Apart from that we develop software as per the business or company requirements. To make your business fast, easy and successful.

Our goal is to is to assist our clients in presenting a professional front to the marketplace. Presentation is everything and we believe this at UI Direct.This is why we offer the array of services that we do. Our clients need to showcase themselves in a professional manner – and this is why we offer web design, graphic design, Internet marketing, social media management, and much more.

Our Cotocus software development team is advanced and originative. We do design your software in such a way that it can help you to achieve what you bear for your business in and that is our main goal. We provide gratification level to our client through our work. we give all information of the progress of the project to our clients, so that he have all the trust in our work. Also, it will help in building up the trust that we can help him to achieve the main value figure he decided for the future for his business.

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