Why small business needs an online presence??

Now the question why small business needs online presence?..
Small business start up by an average economic people who has very limited capital to start up and establish their business. So they don’t have much budget to to advertise their products and service widely.But larger business have big budget and capital to advertise for their product and service in a very large way . So in that manner its very difficult for small scale business to compete against large business.But according to our technology and “online world” things have changed ! the word we call (Internet) has brought a great revolution in the role of small business. It gives the small business a world wide platform to compete with large scale business through an effective online presence thought it has small space but it really doesn’t matter!.

How online presence work for small business?
Giving your small business an online presence is just giving you an effective platform where you simply putting a website with your company’s details and information like, company’s address, contact number , Email id etc…It is just you are advertising your company and setting up with a virtual version of your business in offering and welcoming in an informative website like, on Facebook ,twitter, & so.. website and social network. In today’s technical and electronic era most of the people search online service and products in terms of saving their time and energy. Most of the social network and online portal are free so small business can do advertise easily for their product & service .As per customer search online their product and service they gives reviews and rating through which you can improve your product and service better to best.

  • There are some essential factors which can bring your small business on the top of success!
    The internet world never close it’s eyes to sleep weather its day or night . it works for 24-hours and every website and portal you offer provides your business a wide & virtual showroom and platforms.It showcase your product and elaborate the brief details of your company and its product and service which helps the people and customer to attract to their customers to buy product and service.
  • Building up your brand through online presence!
    Online presence demand you to have very attractive and effective brand name so, the internet platform helps your brand to building up world wide. “Brand building” actually means to provide your customer to a potential to trust your company or product and service you showcase.so social media advertise your brand and it’product & service.IT hammers your brand towards the users again & again so that’s how people visit your websites and your product & service begins to sale out.
  • Easy to advertise (marketing & selss)!
    As we already know that how advertise and marketing is necessary to sell your product and service ,it is the most essential part of your business so , therefore a well mentioned and well written copy and page
    of your product or service on your portal & website allow your customer to buy your product and service . It is make more relax , informed and well decision to buy .Online portal gives your business a number of page & space to showcase widely your service ,date & time , selling , and buying information.
    Reviews and rating!!
  • Reviews are very important factor to run your business world wide Online.
    presence of your service and product to stranger people all over the world where people see it , measure it, compare it, admire it or dislike it. And then they leave their reviews so through which you can improve your product & service better to best.That’s why you should run your business with honest policy and treat your customer well..

Google provides many tools to build up your site and your business .

  1. CRM
  2. Email
  3. Social network like, Facebook , twitter , bloggers, etc.
  4. Docs
  5. HR.
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