What is Elasticsearch ?

ElasticSearch is a Source of search engine based on lucence. In other words, Elasticsearch is an open source,
database server developed in Java. Basically, it is used for full-text-search and analysis. Elasticsearch uses
Apache Lucene at its core for indexing and searching. Since, Lucene is just a library, working with it is really complex.

Advantages Of Elasticsearch:-

Scalability:- Elasticsearch is very easy to scale and reliable as well. It is a very important feature which helps to simplify the complex architectures and save time during the implementation of projects.

Easy to use API:- Elasticsearch provides simple RESTful APIs and uses schema-free JSON documents which makes
indexing, searching and querying the data really easy.

Multilingual:-  Features of the Elasticsearch has is, it is multilingual. It supports a wide variety of documents
written in different languages like Arabic,
Brazilian, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Korean, etc.

Document-Oriented: – Elasticsearch stores real-world complex entities as structured JSON documents and indexes all
fields by default to make the data searchable. Since there are no rows and columns of data, An index can be easily
recovered in a case of a server crash. you can perform complex full-text search easily.