What is Octopus Deployment ?

Octopus is the deployment automation server for your entire team. It designed to make easy to release and deploy applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Octopus Deploy is a software that has allowed us to modernize
our software or application development.

One of the benefits related to Remote deployments is an instant switching between version — Tentacle extracts new version into the new folder then just switching web site registration in IIS. There is no point in time when a web site has part of the
files from one version and part from another, which is common when using scripts to copy files over.

Advantages of Octopus Deployment?

1. Octopus uses the same deployment packages across environments and makes it easy to track their progress across those environments.

2. Octopus makes it easy to handle configuration across environments which is usually a particularly difficult task.
3. Octopus Deploy is used by our department to facilitate the deployment of many applications to many servers.
4. Octopus Deploy makes it very easy to deploy applications to one or several servers with the click of a button.
5. Many different platforms, languages, and operating systems are supported. You can deploy to your own server or the cloud.
You can deploy to Windows, Linux, etc.
6. Many different “step templates” are included, which make it very easy to deploy what you want, how you want. Such as deploying over SSH, FTP, etc.


Octopus Deploy is well suited when you have more than a handful or servers or more than a handful of projects. You don’t want developers publishing from
Visual Studio. Octopus Deploy makes it easy to deploy correctly every time.