What is Robot.txt file

Robot.txt file Full form of Robots exclusion protocol. This little text file is part of every website on the internet, but many people don’t know importance of Robot.txt. It is designed to work with Search engines platforms, it is a source as a SEO juice. Robots.txt is a text file where you mention on your website. when you crawl the site then your put indexing on google bots.

How Does work Robot.txt on The Website

The Robot.txt make relationship crawlers and other web robots.

communicate with web crawlers and other web robots. When visitors , spiders or bots comes to your site they know what are they exactly to looking out if your file is not there root directory it will understand that the files is not there and move on the crawling website. In order to make certain your robots.txt file can be located easily, it is best to place it in your root domain or main directory.

How Robot.txt Play Important Role in SEO

  • Its increasing the visitors numbers. It is good signal for SEO.
  • Search engine spiders go over your website every time you make changes of your materials.
  • Unique content that brings fresh information is well-know factor that plays a part in the Search Engine Optimization.
  • More simply content means more opportunities for you to publish materials with your targeted keyword.
  • This linking is done through tools such as audits, submissions of texts, keyword searches, etc.
  • It is safer and unique to create quality content that include all of your keywords.