How to post in multiple Facebook groups at one shot?


In these days Digital Marketing is one of the most important ways to grow your business or brand & when we talk about Digital marketing than “Facebook” is one of the leader right now where you can reach billion of peoples at once. In Facebook there are many features which you can use as a tool to reach your customer. The most commonly used feature in Facebook is Pages & Groups. But, when you want to publish your messages or posts to multiple pages or groups, than it becomes really a boring, irritating & most importantly time consuming specially when you need to post in lots of Facebook groups or pages.

Today I am going to share an useful trick or process through which you can save a lot of time while posting in large number of groups.

So, let see how can we post in multiple Facebook groups at one shot?

Step 1. First of all join all the Facebook groups in which you want to share your post or content.

Step 2. After joining them find there username. you can find there username in your browser from URL as well like this{Username}

Step 3. Copy that {Username} in notepad.

Step 4. Now in this step create Facebook groups e-mail address from their usernames.Just paste that username before (i.e.

Step 5. Follow above mentioned steps for all the Facebook groups, after that sign in to your email address and compose email after copy and paste all the Facebook group emails in BCC option.

Step 6. Now put what you want to post like text,links and images and click on send button. That’s it. Now you can check your Facebook groups you can see the post is published.


  1. To send publish from this process you need to sign in that email which you have used to create your account on Facebook and joined all those groups.
  2. You can’t post on groups which you haven’t join.
  3. Username is must, if username is not available of that group than you can not execute this process.
  4. Don’ts spam any group by this process or any process, you may got banned from groups by group owners.