Google Terminology in SEO

Now let’s go for Google terminology.

So there is such a thing that’s:

Googlebot: Software crawling the web: It’s not a bot it’s basically just software and the software crawls the web and get into what’s crawling exactly but it basically goes from page to page to and sees what is on this page.

Crawling: Discovering your site & page: That is crawling discovering every page on the internet and every page on your Web site. That is what Google does when it discovers a new page meaning when it crawls a new page then it does something called indexing.

Indexing: Adding each page to its database: That means it is adding that page that it just discovered or that it just crawled. It is the same thing to its database and then your question might be. When does the page rank? So the page is crawled the pages indexed.

Ranking: Showing up in search results: The ranking is independent of course crawling and indexing has to happen before ranking. If they don’t crawl your page and they do not ring index your page can never rank because they do not know about your page. So crawling in and indexing that is just Google is the process of discovering your page.

But once they discover they are all over them by their own magic rules decide where is this page going to rank. Is it going to rank at all in the search results.

So now you understand what the Google bot is with crawling is how crawling happens with indexing is and how all that relates to your pages showing up in Google search results.