Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows & Mac | Keyboard shortcuts cheat-sheet


Its really irritate users to  give command to the system for every action by clicking on to the options. It makes us slow while working in the computer/laptops in long hours. Therefore I consolidated the list of all the useful and easy to remember keyboard shortcuts in Windows & Mac. Here is the list/cheat-sheet

Shortcut Windows Mac
Select the entire page Ctrl + A Cmd + A
Copy selected information Ctrl + C Cmd + C
Cut selected information Ctrl + X Cmd + X
Paste copied information Ctrl + V Cmd + V
Open a file Ctrl + O Cmd + O
Save a file Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Redo the last action Ctrl + Y Shift + Cmd + Z
Find text in the document/page Ctrl + F Cmd + F
Task manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc Alt + Cmd + Esc
Application switcher Alt + Tab Cmd + Tab
Run an application Win + R Cmd + Space
Minimize the current window Win + ↓ Cmd +M
Minimize all windows Win + M Alt + Cmd + M
Jump to the application’s menu bar F10 Shift + Cmd + /
Take a screenshot Print screen Shift + Cmd + 3
Open a new browser tab Ctrl + T Cmd + T
Close the current browser tab Ctrl + W Cmd + W
Open a previously closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T Shift + Cmd + T
Focus and select web browser’s address bar Ctrl + L Cmd + L