Top 10 DevOps Consulting Company in India


What is DevOps?
DevOps is all about automation which is a modern software development approach in which Software Developers and IT Operations team working together in a collaborative manner to build, test, deploy and release applications and software rapidly and reliably.

What is the meaning of DevOps Consulting?
The real meaning of DevOps consulting is a service where DevOps requirement can be full filled and DevOps challenges can be resolved under expert guidance and mentoring.  In elaborative manner we can say DevOps consulting is way to provide expert guidance and support to those who wants to stay competitive and generate leads in today’s cut throat business environment by providing there end users  rapid releases of products and applications by transforming there work environment into DevOps culture.

Why DevOps Consulting is required?
In today’s market for many Organizations and enterprises whether it’s small or large, the ability to create or build at a fast pace according to market situations and users feedback is a key element to lead generate and success. Therefore IT organizations are under extreme pressure to deliver new applications and features rapidly with quality without deteriorating the existing application if any.

The main objective of DevOps is to breaking down the silos between different teams and work together in collaboration for similar goals. But this collaboration is not that easy. DevOps adoption requires new mindset, new tools and new skills.A clash between two different mindsets and work culture can create lots of confusion and complexity which can be turn into losing control over applications and infrastructure. This will take time, energy and cost to fix which can delays the delivery and can cost millions of dollars and more important can ruin the organization reputation.
Therefore, if you don’t have expert’s guidance or trained DevOps professionals to help you out than go for DevOps consulting services who can provide help and come up with strategies, roadmap, right architecture processes and tool sets, so that your DevOps adoption and implementation in your organization  can be smooth and flawless.

How to find right DevOps Consulting Company?
DevOps is selling like a hot cake these days. Therefore you can find many companies who are providing DevOps consulting services. Nowadays, even individuals with less expertize also providing consulting services. So, be mindful go with those DevOps solutions who can do assessment, provide effective strategies, roadmap, toolsets and most important to provide you the right mentors and coaches for guidance and support.

To make this process easy we also shortlisted some of the best DevOps consulting companies not only in India but across the globe. Here is the list.

As DevOps demand is growing day by day, organizations and enterprises often face various questions while DevOps adoption like where to start,  how to implement DevOps, where to get DevOps skills and list goes on and on. To make this process easy, we did some research on the web and found some of the top DevOps Consulting firms who can make your DevOps adoptions and implementation process easy.

Here is the list of Top 10 DevOps Consulting Companies who are highly active and supporting in India.

  1. scmGalaxy – scmGalaxy is one of the leading DevOps community not only in India but we can say globally who are serving in IT industry for more than 10 years with quality training, consulting and outsourcing services. scmGalaxy is the largest community of DevOps, Build and Release and Software configuration management (scm) professionals who are well qualified and experienced from top different MNC’s working together and sharing their knowledge and experience with Organizations, Enterprises and Startups.
  2. DevOpsSchool – DevOps School is one of the best place for DevOps learning resources. This is a community of DevOps practitioners who believes in sharing. There portal is filled with quality DevOps learning materials which includes Videos, presentations, Quizzes, Assignments, Projects and many more things which can be access without any charges. So we can say DevOps School provides absolutely free DevOps tutorials. Along with that DevOps School also provide DevOps consulting services which is also one of the best you can find in today’s DevOps market.
  3. AgileandDevOps – Agile and DevOps one of the best DevOps consulting solutions who offers complete training program and Corporate consulting on Agile, DevOps/CI/CD, Big Data, Data Science, Full Stack Development and Testing in a range of technologies and automated testing. This DevOps consulting firm has experienced DevOps experts who are subject experts and gain their mentoring expertise after having years of completing their job roles in top companies and now sharing their expertise with organizations and startups to make most out of DevOps.
  4. RajeshKumar – Rajesh Kumar is one of the reputed name which is amongst top DevOps trainers, mentors and consultant in India. This guy has more than of 14 years of expertise in IT sector as different job roles with top IT companies. He is now sharing his knowledge and skills to the Corporates and helping them to adopt DevOps culture in their work environment.
  5. LearnDevops–Learn DevOps is quite new in DevOps services but they have a pool of DevOps practitioners and professionals who provides expert guidance and mentoring for DevOps Java ,DevopsDotnet and Build and Release Java and Dotnet projects. They are providing their services not only in India, they have their service branches in USA, Netherland, and in UK also.
  6. DevopsTraining–DevOps Training is also amongst top DevOps solution offering company. They are quite popular and recognized as a best DevOps training institute in India. But, their mentors and coaches provides their expertise to corporates for DevOps and software practices to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of Organization.
  7. DevopsConsulting – DevOps consulting is one of the most popular DevOps consulting firm who are helping organizations to remove the challenges while implementing DevOps in their work culture.  They can help you with strategy, proper planning, and right architecture of processes, toolsand expert guidance. Their expertise are not limited to DevOps Planning and Architecting, they are team of skilled, market-proven consulting specialists who can help in technical Debt Reduction, Cloud Migration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.
  8. DevopsConsultant – DevOps Consultant is one of the trending portal these days where you can find and hire top DevOps consultant, mentors and coaches from different countries like India, Singapore, Australia, UK etc. You can completely rely on them for all DevOps solutions, they all are subject matter experts who have at least 10-12 years of relevant experience in various domains of IT.
  9. DevopsFreelancer – DevOps Freelancer is one of the best company where you can find top individual DevOps professionals from various part of the world who can be hire for DevOps Training, Consulting, Mentoring and Outsourcing support with just one click of your mouse. All the DevOps professionals in this portal listed they have gone through very strict process of evaluation. So, you can rely on them completely in terms of quality and expertise.
  10. Build2Release – Build2Release have experienced team of DevOps and Build Build and Release specialists who can help you to implement best practices of it. They provides custom support and expert advice to streamline your process so you can focus on delivering high-quality software faster and more efficiently which will help you to grow your business.