Best Ansible corporate trainers in india

What is Ansible ?

One of the Important tools of devops is ansible . Ansible is nothing but an a software development platform that enables or that allows to simplify cloud provisioning ,configuration management ,application deployment, intra-service orchestration and similar emerging IT services , processes and infrastructure.

Best Ansible corporate trainers in India.

When it comes to learning Ansible which is a crucial tool of devops it is important to have a trainer who has that amount of expertise in teaching . In todays time it is difficult to find such one. Mr Rajesh Kumar one of the best trainers that we have and is associated with devopsschool for the past few years. A person with over 15 plus years of experience has been teaching ansible to other corporates as well and with his hard work and knowledge he has made people what they are today through his efforts and dedication .

As what my experience says that he is amongst the best ansible corporate trainers in India . I don’t think so any other trainer would live upto his standards as what he has achieved today…….