Testing Automation

Cotocus Testing Automation training will help you to develop a thorough understanding of Testing Automation.

What is Testing Automation?
Testing automation as its name clearly defined himself automate the testing process. It is a process where specific applications or software tools used to control the execution of tests and the comparison of expected outcomes with real outcomes of the software of product. It’s like software test software.
In this process testers write scripts and employ particular tools which is known as automations tools to test the software or functionality. It can automate few repetitive but necessary tasks or execute additional testing which are tough to do manually.

Advantage of Testing Automation for each organization
Saves time and money -The first and foremost thing is automation testing saves a lot time and money. Once automated tests build it can be run again and again at no extra cost and can do tasks very quickly as compare to manual testing. Automated testingexponentially reduce repetitive testing duration from days to minutes or hours. This saves not only time but money for the organizations.
Increases Test Coverage -Very often there are the cases when you have lengthy tests with thousands of code lines which is very difficult to test in manual process. This process can be executed very easily in test automation and along with that it’s also make sure that the memory contents, UI, databases, and internal program states or various other things of application or product is working as expected or not.Thus, it’s improve the overall test coverage, which is impossible with manual tests.
Improves accuracy -Human can make mistakes but machines can't. These words are true in testing process too, even a well experienced tester can make mistakes when they do monotonous manual testing again and again. Automated testing implementation can do all those repetitive tasks again and again without getting bored with accuracy and also record detail reports for the same. This not only improve accuracy but also saves time
Early time to market -Testing automation allow steady execution of test cases even in complex and enormous systems. Once automated, test library performance is speedier and runs longer than manual testing. This save a lot time and gives organizations enough time to market the product earlier.
Increase productivity - Testing automation provides automation to repetitive tasks and also discover problems and issues quickly. This way team members saves more time and energy which they can spend on other projects. This helps them to gain skills and confidence on themselves which ultimately turns into productivity which is obviously profitable for any organization.
Human intervention not required - Testing automations can perform 24 into 7 tests and it does not need human presence there. So, it’s really beneficial when you need to perform any urgent requirement.
Quicker Feedback - Testing automation comes up as a support for approval amid different periods of a project. This enhances correspondence among designers, coders and clients, and permits potential glitches to be instantly corrected. It guarantees higher productivity of the development group.
What are the popular tools and languages we have for Testing Automation training? each tools describe 2 lines.

How trained team can successfully implement Testing Automation practice in the project?
Test automation implementation is tricky, yet if done right, can be highly rewarding for the organization. It makes most sense for businesses to automate the functionality that is most used and most critical.
To implement testing automation in your organization you need to implement it from start to end in a step by step manner. In which selection of correct tools, analysis of various applications, Creation of automation framework, execution plan, writing scripts, reporting and maintenance of scripts are the steps?
So, it’s very important for any organization to either go for consulting services or skilled their team members before taking decision to automate the application.

How Cotocus team can help in the Testing Automation training and transition?
Cotocus can provide testing automation training with the help of quality and experienced trainers, mentors and coaches. We have different courses which will help developers and testers and team to become an expert in automation process and implementation of it.
Our training course will provide and make you stand in a place from where your team can plan for success by selecting right automation tools, building automation frameworks, choosing testing approaches (i.e. GUI testing, Unit Testing, Continuous testing), writing & maintaining scripts, reporting.

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Course curriculum - Cotocus testing automation course designed very well which covers current best practices and toolsets which is in demand or useful for organizations. In short we can say our course curriculum is designed as per today’s industry’s requirements.
Experienced Faculties -Cotocus has a dedicated team of testing automation experts who are well experienced and providing training, consulting and mentoring services to industries today.
Tailored Course/Training - Cotocus team always do their research on regular basis as per the industry demands design or modify their course curriculum. However, if you have any particular requirement or you want an expert advice for your projects requirement than our mentors or coaches will seat with you and modify or prepare course agenda as per requirements.
Training Mode - Cotocus provides training in Online and Classroom mode. Our online sessions are Instructor led live and interactive and we can provide classroom sessions either at corporates premises or outside venues.
Lab - We believe the best way of learning by doing and this is the reason Cotocus 80 percent of the sessions consist of lab. This helps participants to implement what they learn easily in real time projects for their organization.
Lifetime access -We have our learning management system (LMS) where you can find our instructors, mentors and coaches’ knowledge and experience squeeze in the form of videos, tutorials, assignments, presentations, projects, scripts, quizzes etc.