Our Services

You can choose any of the service you want and get the best of it.


Cotocus will help your project to setup process which included DevOps, BDD, TDD, FDD, CI/CD for successful software delivery, improving the quality and lowering the cost.


We provide specialized training and workshops that enhance enterprise competency and skills in areas such as DevOps, CI and CD, Test Automation, Test Drive Development, and Microservices.

Advisory and Consulting

Cotocus is passionate about technology and has vast experience in designing, managing and delivering niche enterprise solutions with prime focus on enhancing enterprise digital capability. Cotocus is you partner of choice for training and consulting in specialized services: DevOps, AI, Big data and ML and multiple tools.


Cotocus DevOps practice is one of the foremost in the industry. Our expertise extends from strategy definition and design to maturing the DevOps adoption by enterprises. Methodology, training (online and classroom), guided implementation of CI/CD, continuous engagement through access to "tips and tricks," white papers and articles, best practice (current and emerging), and tools.


Cotocus offers recruitment and selection services. We go beyond sourcing potential candidates, providing options to apply and learn in Cotocus labs and reducing the scale-up time on customer's time and money. We are focused in souring related skills and consciously stay out of staffing where the requisite skills and ambitions do not align with the digital technology.


Our Research and Analytics services support high volume of relatively industrialised request for Information on market and acquisition targets.


Cotocus provides Big Data Services is a performance-driven, robust Big Data solution that uniquely includes Hadoop and Spark operations services. We offers solutions that can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data.


We empower TechOps through workshops, training and tips on machine intelligence, how to combine machine and human know-how to quickly identify the true source of problems, accurately mine for potential solutions to issues you did not know you even had, and guide how to automate runbook and train the compute system to execute standard operating procedures.

Machine Learning

We assume you are not experts in machine learning, Python and how and when to use Python to get you started and build expertise in Machine Learning. Our experts will train your team either or both online and classroom from basic of Python, foundational skills in Machine Learning and overview of scientific packages of Python.