Software Programming

Cotocus Software Programming training will help you to develop a thorough understanding of Software Programming .

What is Software Programming?
In this digital era where most of the world's population is using smartphones, they must have heard software programming or programming word. It is a common but most powerful word that has changed the life human beings. So, let’s see what is Software Programming?
Software programming is a process where by using computer languages is to create something that can perform certain or specific task or functionality. The end product which we get after it known as software and the process of development is generally called software programming.

There are two types of programming languages:
High-Level Languages High level languages are easy to read and understand. This level of languages style and context of programming is simple to learn and execute. In this, whole code generally focuses on to the creation of specific program. Developing huge scale of programs can be done rapidly through it. The program which is done by this way needs to be interpreted into machine language before being executed by the computer.
Low-Level Languages Low level languages are tough to read and grasp. Machine and assembly language are illustrations of low-level languages. Low-level languages are intended to work and handle the whole hardware and guidelines set design of a computer straightforwardly. Its prime capacity is to work, oversee and control the processing equipment and parts. Projects and applications written in a low-level languages are directly executable on the computing equipment with no understanding or interpretation.

What are the popular tools and languages we have for Software Programming training?
The most basic and essential thing for software programming is the language and it’s very important to invest your time and money wisely during learning programming languages. Always focus on something which can provide and help you in the current trending software development process as well as which will set you up for any future languages.
Cotocus always focuses on to provide training for such programming languages which are not only going to help you in today's programming languages but which will help you to set up for future programming languages as well . The list is as follows:
Java Java is one of the most popular, demanding and widely adopted programming language used by developers. It is very popular amongst android developers these days. One of the simple, readable, well-organized and cross-platform compatible language.
JavaScipt Don’t think that this language is similar to Javasctipt or any connection with it. Javasript is also one of the most powerful programming language. It is basically a client-side, dynamic scripting language used to make web applications responsive but in recent time also used for web servers.
C C is one of the oldest language and can be said grandfather of modernsoftware programming languages. It is utilized for implementing operating systems, writing other popular programming languages and for embedded applications.
C++ As its nameC++ is based on 'C' is a high performance programming language used to develop application software, web apps, video games, system software, system software and high-performance server.
C# C# pronounced as ‘C-sharp’ which also has roots with C and it is a general-purpose, simple, modern, language to program software for Microsoft and Windows platforms.
PHP PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular and widely used programming language, running on the server and used to develop dynamic web pages and applications. Today’s most of the Internet giants like Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Digg, Tumblr and various others are powered by PHP.
SQL SQL (Structured Query Language) pronounced as ‘sequel’ is a special-purpose language to interact with and manipulate databases. SQL code known by name queries and is designed to read, create, update and delete data in a database.
Powershell Powershell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language which is mostly used for systems administration. It simplify and automate the management of Windows and its server systems. If you are not familiar with .NET than it’s not easy to understand this scripting language.
Groovy Groovy is a general purpose object-oriented programming language. Very similar features like Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Java. It is simple, flexible and rich in terms of functionalities.
Perl Perl is a general-purpose high-level interpreted dynamic programming language. It is one of the most popular language for text processing and system administration scripting. It is also counted as a good DevOps tool because of its flexibility and working well behavior with other languages.
Python Python is a general purpose high-level interpreted programming language which considered as easy language because of code readability, with clear and expressive syntax. It is mainly used to develop desktop apps, web apps and data mining. Instagram, Pinterest, Google, NASA and various other internet big names powered by Python.
Ruby It is a general purpose high-level interpreted programming language. It also considered as simple, easy and user-friendly programming language. It is popular for web app development and also because of Ruby on Rails framework. Twitter, Github, Groupon, Scribd and various other big names powered by Ruby.
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How Cotocus team can help in the Software Programming training and transition?
Cotocus team is amongst the best team in IT industry who provides IT professional courses training and education. We can help you by following ways in software programming:
Training We offer comprehensive training for various Programming languages which includes both high level & low level programming languages. Our training provide the opportunity to expertise in vast fields of software programming with good amount of lab with expert faculties of programmers.
Mentoring Individuals and Organizations workforce needs to update their skills so that they can remain competitive, as the software industry needs and technologyconstantly changing faster than ever. Applying new languages make them more useful, productive and efficient in the workplace. Our expert team mentors can be a part of any organization and can provide advice and guidance in the whole software development process from designing to selecting languages to testing to the delivery to the end user.
Outsourcing Software industry is highly competitive these days and to stay ahead you need skillful workforce who can help you for the same. Software programming is something which can be very costly and time taking if your programmers or coders are not able to provide project requirement in the fixed time. Outsourcing software programming can be very beneficial with us. Our clients have benefited from our, organized workflow management, good communication, technical expertise, cost-effective coding, and swift turnaround time.

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Onsite and Online Training Cotocus offers online and onsite training for complete software programming and programming languages through which you can learn the skills from wherever you or team are on a flexible schedules.
Curriculum Cotocus focus on to the languages that demanded by industries with real-world curriculum which is designed by experienced team of programmers with all research and analysis of skills demands in programming projects.
Experienced Faculties Cotocus has pool of experienced programmers of different languages who all are subject matter experts and worked with different MNCs. Our all programming and languages courses led by these experienced master instructors, trainers and coaches.
Lifetime membership Even after completing your learning sessions, Cotocus provide access to all learning materials which includes videos, presentations, Sample codes, References etc., so you can keep on improving your skill-sets and abilities regardless of what point your profession is in.
Hands on Approach It’s easy to perform any task when you have already practiced by yourself and the same is very important when it comes to learn programming or coding. Cotocus focus on to prepare participants with practical knowledge which will help them to implement their programming skills effectively when they will work on real projects. Our approach consists 80 percent lab sessions.