IT & Security

Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information

What is IT and Security?
Information technology revolutionize the way we do everything personally and professionally in today’s life. The world is globally connected and shared information with just one clickat our fingertips. But, when something has benefits than also has drawbacks too. Hacking, virus attacks, Data theft and various other cyber-attacks are common these days. This is the reason the Security is one of foremost concern these days for everyone. But, for companies and organizations information security is something which they can’t even think a sec of ignorance as Information technology is the blood of business or organization these days whether it’s small or large in size.
Information security or Info sec is very much significant for IT businesses these days to defend against these type of IT issues.
Information security is a practice to protect information, data and information systems access, modification and transfer without official permission and access of authorities. It ensure availability, confidentiality and integrity of data and information all the time whether in storage, processing, or transit.

Advantage of IT and Security for each organization
Information security comes with various benefits which incite organizations and enterprises to implement or adopt information security in their work environment.Here are the benefits of IT security:

  • Prevent networks, information systems and data from unauthorized permission, various vulnerabilities and security breaches.
  • Sensitive information cannot be changed, altered or transferred without authorized access.
  • IT security also helps to take informed decisions when management is going to invest on security credentials as it provides systematic approach to manage the security and it’s also cost effective for the organization.
  • Information protection acts as icing on the cake for Organization when it comes to credibility and trust among internal stakeholder and clients. This result as to retain the clients and win new business deals.

How trained team can successfully implement IT and Security practice in the organization?
Information and data threats come in many different forms. Some of the most common threats today are software attacks, theft of intellectual property, identity theft, theft of equipment or information, sabotage, and information extortion.
Information and Data’s are like assets for businesses these days one must make sure that this asset of the organization must be in the safe hands of security professionals. It is something which can ruin the whole business. This is the reason organizations and businesses today have separate IT and security unit to manage, control and supervise whole security system.
This is something which is really helpful for organizations because a trained IT security professionals team can maintain the hardware used by the IT department, investigate security breaches within organization. They can troubleshoot problems with the security system and fix them effectively. We can say they can do everything from networking, executing security systems, repairing, assisting clients, managing teams, and more is involved in their responsibilities.

How Cotocus team can help in the IT and Security training?
Cotocus Information security training curriculum provides comprehensive understanding, knowledge and methodologies which make sure that a trained professional can provide well protected and defensive mechanism of information security for their organization or enterprises.
Our Information security courses includes specialized IT security training and fundamental & advance cyber security training courses which will teach you best practices of InfoSec, to support IT security programs and policy with different frameworks and provide Professional certifications and much more for all levels of IT security professionals.Our courses are very much effective for these professionals.

  • Systems Engineer
  • Site Administrator
  • Security Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Network Managers
  • Network Administrator
  • Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Banking, Insurance, and Finance Professionals

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Online & Onsite Training Cotocus provide Information security training online, In-Person & at your site training which is completely led by expert trainers with good amount of lab sessions.
Unlimited Access Cotocus offers lifetime worldwide web-based unlimited access to all extensive learning materials which is developed by our expert faculties which includes videos, recorded sessions, manuals, projects, assignments etc.
Expert Faculties Cotocus has the experienced instructors, mentors, coaches and management expertise to deliver quality training that suits your budget, schedules, and help to achieve business objectives.
Course/Agenda Customization Cotocus Information security courses are designed as per the industry requirements. However, if you have any specific requirement than in-house team of mentors can quickly create effective training needs s per your requirements.
Certification After the successfully completion of Information security training from Cotocus, we can assure you that our comprehensive training and exam preparation will help you to grab the knowledge and confidence to achieve official professional certification.
Always Up-to-date We have a dedicated team of IT security experts who do research and upgrade our courses agenda, curriculum and all learning materials on regular basis so that our trained team of Security professionals don’t fail in their Security practices.
24x7 Support Cotocus also provide 24x7 online support which starts from IT security course enquiry to training and after that too.