Feature Driven Development

Cotocus Feature Driven Development training will help you to develop a thorough understanding of Data Driven Development .

What is Feature Driven Development (FDD)?

Feature-driven development (FDD) as its name indicates, "Feature" is prime focus in this concept of development. It is one of the agile method which helps in faster development of functionality. It employs short iteration model of development which consists other agile methodologies best practices. FDD aims is to deliver working and tangible product repeatedly in a timely manner.

FDD is mainly based on five process these are develop overall model first thanlist out the features after that planning and designing by features and finally build features.

To better understand we can use this diagram:

  1. Overall Model - This one is the first step where team develop and overall model of the project.
  2. Features list - After modeling process teams on the basis that list out all the features.
  3. Planning - This is development planning step where features assigned to developers and programmers.
  4. Designing - In this step developers design packages for each features.
  5. Build Features- In final step designersdevelop and write codes for their respective features.

Advantage of Feature Driven Development for each organization

  1. Good for big projects - Feature driven development is very useful for larger team and especially when you have complexity in the project too, as it assigns different-different feature sets to individuals.
  2. Proven methods - FDD process is built according to industry best practices and recognized as the same.
  3. Tracking & Reporting - FDD practices provides higher visibility into the project this is the reason tracking and reporting can be possible at any time.
  4. Reduce Risk - FDD reduces the risk of wrong features delivery as it build in shorter period and in small parts.
  5. Focused team - Fast-driven development approach provides clarity and better understanding of requirements to the team, which help them to focus on their assigned work.
  6. Better Communication - FDD approach allow easy communication and discussion in team members.

What are the popular tools we have for Feature Driven Development training?

FDD Tools Project - This is one of the top tool which is used by FDD practitioners. This is open source tool which is easy to use and cross-platform toolkit to produce tracking graphics.
FDD Viewer -This one is also a very tool for FDD practices which display and print parking lots.
TechExcel DevSuite - It is a commercial suite of applications which pre integrated and designed to enable feature driven development practices.
CASE spec -This FDD tool allow complete traceability and management to any project artifact.
FDD Tracker-A commercial FDD tool works Microsoft NT based system which completely support FDD methods.
How trained team can successfully implement Feature Driven Development practice in the project?
Feature-driven development is practice which can be implement in a project in five steps which starts from Modeling, listing, Planning, Designing and finally Building which we already discussed earlier in the article. These five steps need trained team who can make most out of it whileimplementing it. FDD trained team can work in collaboration effectively and one individual can execute various responsibilities and one responsibilities can be shared by various members.

How Cotocus team can help in the Feature Driven Development training?
FDD process requires near zero defects output, this is the reason FDD process is must learn for all those who intend to implement agile and Feature driven development practices in client projects. Our training follows an experiential format with activities including overall model development and discussion, features listing, development planning and designing and finally building features. We cover almost top tools which are used in FDD projects management. Our training courses are designed in a way that help teams to turn into high-performance teams who can implement and improve their use of FDD processes and techniques for their organization benefits.
Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Training Mode -We offer FDD courses training in online and classroom mode in schedules that suites them across the globe. Our online sessions are completely instructor-led live and interactive and classroom training can be conducted either incorporates premises or in outside venues.
Expert Trainers -Cotocus has pool of experienced trainers, mentors and coaches who provides training, consulting and mentoring services to corporates.
Course curriculum -Our course curriculum are developed by FDD subject matter experts focusing on to the trending needs of the industry.
Customized Training -We have designed our FDD course content as per the industry requirements. But, if your requirements are different from it than after discussion training curriculum can be customized and deliver as per your specific requirements
Lifetime Access - We provide lifetime access to our learning materials which includes videos, presentations, sample projects, assignments, codes etc. which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, across The Globe
24x7 Support - We provide 24x7 online support which starts from FDD course enquiry to training and after that too.