Data Driven Development

Cotocus Data Driven Development training will help you to develop a thorough understanding of Data Driven Development .

What is Data Driven Development (DDD)?
Data Driven Development (DDD) is a new model of software development where the programming or development sequence are not executed in predefined steps instead of that data itself controls the flow of the development.
In more simple way we can say Data Driven Development approachutilizing the structuredinformationof the users on how they interact with the system as the basethrough which you build and settle on all other software development decisions.

Advantage of Data Driven Development for each organization
Informed decision Data Driven Development approach is very beneficial in development decision making. Data after service monitoring, user feedback, bug reports and from various ways it help teams to take informed decision.
Reduce Costing Through data driven approach we can decide on the basis of data to work only on valuable modules or features which saves our energy and money both.
Minimize Risk With the help of Data driven development, best decisions can make in early-stage of developmentturns into high-yield and low-risk ones.
Business value DDD provides value to the users, most importantly manage available resources by helping prioritize task that needs to be done.
Quick Feedback DDD help us to deliver faster in small usable bits with the end goal that you can rapidly get input on how this is performing and afterward utilize this information returned to illuminate the bearing of the work required.

How Cotocus team can help in the Data Driven Development training and transition?
Cotocus Data Driven Development training program conveys a hands-on approach into how DDD can be utilized by engineers, managers, and the QA teams to develop higher quality product for the end user.
Our DDD training course starts with an introduction of basic terminologies, practices, advantages, and issues. The course at that point moves into an exchange on the hypothesis and routine with regards to Data driven advancement, the relevance of DDD in present day programming improvement ideal models, and how it can be utilized inside various programming building forms.
Once the fundamental has been completed, the Data Driven Development course changes into a hands-on learning lab, where understudies take in the procedures and practices of Data driven improvement in the production of an essential application.
In our training program we emphasize on following top tools and languages for DDD practice are like as Selenium, Mockito, Powermock, AWK, Oz, Perl and sed.

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Expert Trainers We have pool a of highly qualified and experienced industry DDD practitioners who provides training, consulting, mentoring and coaching services for Data Driven Development to our corporate clients.
Mode We offer Instructor-led DDD sessions in two modes, corporates can opt as per their suitability. Our online classes can be joined from anywhere globally which will be completely live and interactiveand classroom sessions can be conduct either in corporate premise or outside venues.
Hands on Approach We focus on hands on training approach with standard Course materials theory & practices with project and assignment based learning using real time use-cases.
Lifetime access We provide lifetime access to our learning materials which includes recorded sessions, videos, presentations, manuals etc. and can be accessed globally 24x7.
24x7 Support We offer 24x7 online technical queries support system who can help you in between the training duration and after the course completion.
Industry standard course Our BDD course materials are designed by experienced DDD mentors and practitioners after depth industry requirement research and analysis.