Continuous Deployment

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What is Continuous Deployment(CD)?

These days we hear number of buzzwords in software industry which aims to improve the time and accuracy for the process continuously. When we talk about continuously then we heard “Continuous Deployment” often. So, let’s talk about this buzzword or methodology.

Continuous deployment is a modern practice these days in software development processin which each single code modification or changes committed passes the automated testing phase, automatically released into the production deployment.It's just a practice which minimize the manual work and adopt integrated pipeline that deploy tasks as when they occur.

Advantage of Continuous Deployment (CD) for each organization

Automation - Continuous Deployment automate the workflow by automating repetitive activities and focus on actual testing.

Reduce stress - It helps in making deployment a boring, non-event, we could increase the focus on the product and delivering value to our users.

Work flow - It also beneficial in creating workflows across the development, testing, and production environments.

Easy to find and fix - It's easy to find and fix issues in the CD adoption because we release small amounts of code, it's make it easy to determine any problems and fix them rapidly.

Less work in progress - Continuous Deployment empowered us to have far less work-in-process. Presently we would thin-cut some work and deploy it.

Unified pipeline - It helps in integrating teams and processes with a unified pipeline.

Tools & Technologies - Continuous Deployment provides a suitable workflow environment by connecting available tools and technologies.

Faster Feedback - Continuous Deployment enables faster feedback from all the members which includes QA/QC, product owners, users, etc.

Productivity -  Continuous deployment makes us more productive by enabling automation, frictionless deployments, unified pipeline, providing best uses of tools and various other things which ultimately improve overall productivity, which results to a more stable and better product.


What are the popular tools we have for Continuous Deployment training?

Octopus Deploy -Octopus Deploy is an automation deployment tool and a release management server. It is intended to facilitate deployment of databases, Windows Services and applications.

UrbanCode -IBM UrbanCode Deploy is an application release automation tool that unites strong clarity, traceability and examining capacities into one enhanced bundle. This tool enables to flawlessly deploy to conveyed data centers, cloud and virtualized conditions as regularly as required on request or on plan.

XL Deploy - XL Deploy is a release automation tool that can be work on any environment and uses an agentless architecture across all target platforms and supports various plugins.

Jenkins -Jenkins is an automation server which is an open source tool. It is one of the top CI and CD tool in current days. It can control and manage all sorts of tasks in development lifecycle processes which includes building, testing, packaging, staging, deployment, static analysis and many more.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server - This is a Microsoft product which automates the software delivery process and provides the tools which needs to successfully oversee software development process all through the IT lifecycle.
Ansible-Ansible is also an open source automation tool which ends repetitive tasks and provides free hands to the teams for more strategic work. It’s like one tool for many solutions which includes Application deployment, configuration management and orchestration.

TeamCity -TeamCity is a continuous integration server that supports a variety of different version control systems and build runners.It is primarily a Continuous Integration tool, it has included all the elements you anticipate from a develop Continuous Deployment platform. It is one of the reliable tool these days for both of our needs.

Bamboo -Bamboo considered as a professional’s choice for continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. It provides automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow. Send a continuous flow of builds to test environments and automatically release builds to customers when they're ready.

Gradle -Gradle is a build tool basically, it’s really beneficial for teams which helps them to build, automate and deliver better software, faster. It provides package for deployment on any platform. It provides model integration and systematize the delivery of software from end to end.


How trained team can successfully implement Continuous Deployment practice in the project?

You cannot say Continuous deployment is all about automation and scripts. It needs great anticipation in process from development team. Tests will fail, Scripts will break and team should be there to fix them. And for all these things a trained team should be prepared by having necessity technical skills.

Trained team can make implementation process very easy by finding errors and failures that the end users experiencing and then they can build the mechanisms to prevent the failures from occurring again, while ensuring that mechanisms don't increase the size of each change deployed.


How Cotocus team can help in the Continuous Deployment training and transition?

These days’ agile procedures like DevOps and Scrum are constructed around a procedure of quick and continuous deployment of software elements. In our training process participants can learn the fundamentals and advance principles and methods of continuous deployment. Our curriculum also provide in-depth knowledge of tools which are utilized in the adoption of Continuous deployment practices. Most of the top tools which makes this process easy we already shared with you earlier in this article.


Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?

Life time membership -Cotocus provide lifetime membership for training sessions in which after completing the training duration any one can attend future sessions too if they wants to upgrade themselves or if they’ll have any doubt in future.
Life time free access -Cotocus also provides lifetime free access to learning management system which includes recorded sessions, videos, PDFs, PPTs, Manuals, web references, codes etc.

Experienced Faculties -The best of the best course curriculum can be waste if there is no skillful faculties who can deliver it in an effective way. Cotocus has a pool of extensive experienced faculties for training, consulting and mentoring.

Course Curriculum -Cotocus course curriculum designed as per the industry demands by top experienced trainers, mentors and coaches who proved themselves great assets for those organizations where they worked and gain the expertize.

Course design as per requirements -Our course curriculum is already designed as per the industry demands, but sometimes different organizations or enterprises needs different skillsets. In this scenario you can sit with our experts and customize or design the courses or agenda as per your requirements.

24x7 support - Cotocus have a dedicated team of technical experts who provides support and guidance 27x7.

Projects & Assignments -We also provide projects and assignments to participants so that they can grab the knowledge and expertise which will be beneficial when they will face real issues in real time on job projects.

Certification - After successfully completion of the training duration, projects and assignments, Cotocus provide their certification which is industry recognized and holds value.

Online & Classroom - Training sessions can be opt in online and classroom mode from us. We can arrange Instructor led live and interactive online sessions and can also arrange classroom sessions in the company premised or the outside the venues.