Behavior Driven Development

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What is Behavior Driven Development (BDD)?

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is disciplined technique for building software in which the product owner, programmer and a tester all collaborate on system behavior also known as acceptance criteria for the feature that is about to implemented.
In another way we can say, there is still a gap between business and technical team and they misunderstand each other’s requirement.  Therefore, BDD intended to improve communication and collaboration between technical and business professionals so that the delivery of software development projects should be as expected.
It assure all process of development stay concentrated on delivering actually what needs while meeting all necessities of the client.

Advantage of Behavior Driven Development for each organization

  1. Collaboration - The most important benefits which is provided by BDD is, it provides strong communication amongst the stakeholders and better understanding of the project.
  2. Common language - In BDD practices due to collaboration of teams we build shared understanding. It help us to develop and understand ubiquitous language which can be understand by everyone. It minimizes the risk of misconception and misinterpretations and or even a newbie can attend the project from anywhere.
  3. Confident Team -BDD makes team more confident and predictable in their work approach as they know they won’t break the code.
  4. Business value -Behavior Driven Development approach emphasis on Business needs and value. As it is client, users and business behavior and needs centric developers understand business value in a better way, work better and don’t build worthless features.
  5. Happy users -As BDD focus on business needs and requirements which means a user is going to get what they are looking for which means happy users which ultimately turns into a good business.
  6. Reduce costs - BDD is beneficial in reducing costs. As we get quality code which reduce the cost of maintenance and also reduce project risk.

What are the popular tools we have for Behavior Driven Development training?

We have BDD courses which will teach you complete Behavior driven development approach, implementation, collaboration and best practices of it. The tools which we cover in our BDD training are followings.

  1. Cucumber - One of the most popular tool for BDD testing framework. It works with Ruby, Java, NET, Flex or web applications written in any language.
  2. SpecFlow - Inspired by cucumber in terms of features and popular BDD tool for .NET Platform.From this tool specifications can be write in Gherkin syntax which can be read by human.
  3. JBehave -This is also one of the most useful tool for BDD workflow based on JAVA framework. Powerful and flexible tool supports IDE and can write text based stories.
  4. Concordion - Another powerful BDD tool for Java framework & can write acceptance test automation scripts. Also very useful in writing specifications. It has Powerful extension framework API which allows to add functionality.
  5. Fitnesse -Known as veteran BDD tool,automation framework based on Framework for Integrated Test [FIT]. Automate acceptance testing while integrating on a Business level.

How trained team can successfully implement Behavior Driven Development practice in the project?
A trained BDD professional can successfully implement BDD approach in the project. Trained professional team can start from collaboration and communication amongst different stakeholders. They can discuss modifications and requirements with developers and test teams. Brief them on what the progressions will be, and how to read and the new strategy for documentation and integration into the code and test cases. If somehow the test fails to meet the requirements it’s easy for a professional to undo the changes.

How Cotocus team can help in the Behavior Driven Development training?
Cotocus provides comprehensive training and workshop for the BDD course which starts from introduction, benefits, common challenges and various modes of it. Our BDD training curriculum help you to learn BDD Rhythm, Discovering user Stories, Specifying Scenarios, Gherkin & Automating Scenarios, implementation and BDD tools like Cucumber, SpecFlow and Behave etc. Participants can better understand how BDD improves developing lean, valuable, useful, completely specified software.

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?

  1. Modes - Cotocus provides BDD training in Online and Classroom mode. Our virtual sessions are completely live and interactive, led by world class instructors at time slots to suit your convenience and Classroom training with instructorscan be provide either in company premises or outside venues.
  2. Experienced Trainers - Our all BDD trainers, instructors, mentors and coaches are well experienced and subject matter experts holding top positions in the industry provides training, consulting and mentoring services for BDD to corporates and enterprises.
  3. Hands-on approach - Cotocus believe in Hands-on approach and provide good amount of practical exercises so that our participants can implement their BDD expertise in their projects without any issues.
  4. Learning Materials - Our BDD learning materials are designed by top BDD experts and mentors after industry requirement research and analysis. All our learning materials are develop and build in form of Videos, Presentations, Manuals, Projects Assignments, and Quizzes etc.
  5. Lifetime access - Cotocus provide lifetime free access to all our learning materials which is in cloud and can be accessed 24x7 globally.
  6. Certification -Cotocus is amongst one of the recognized institute for IT courses training. This is the reason our certification holds value and after BDD course completion participants will receive Course Completion Certificate.