Research and Analytics

Our Research and Analytics services support high volume of relatively industrialised.

Our Research and Analytics services support high volume of relatively industrialised request for Information on market, financial statements and acquisition targets. We also incorporates different ranges of information sources and analytic tools which enable us to address difficult question and tackle complex analytical challenge. Our basic Research and Analytics service includes different factors such as industry tracker in which we offer our clients daily, weekly, quarterly monitors of different type of events and data on particular topic or industry.

Our Financial statement analysis provides an understanding of the key factor that drivers a company’s historical present and potential future financial performance. Target screening Identifying and comparing potential licensing and acquisition targets across financial and non-financial parameters to prioritize and select among options. Standardized comparables modelling consolidating operating and valuation data on a set of comparable companies or transactions to provide valuation context.

Detail product market research services gives full information of a product or market opportunity include industry trends, customer segmentation and potential priority survey on customer behaviour and unmet needs. Capital structure analysis look after firm finances its overall operations and growth by using different sources of funds. Debt comes in the form of bond issues or long-term notes payable, while equity is classified as common stock, preferred stock or retained earnings.

Valuation analysis is fundamental analysis that looks to compare the valuation of one security to another, to a group of securities or within its own historical context. Valuation analysis is done to evaluate the potential merits of an investment or to objectively assess the value of a business or asset.