Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery means that whenever a developer checks in code to the source repository, a build is automatically deploy the application to an environment.

What is Continuous Delivery?
Changes in software or application like adding new features, updates, bug fixing is now the demand of today’s market. To fulfill this demand there are modern software development approach in which Continuous delivery is one of them.
Continuous Delivery often referred as CD is a modern approach of software or application development process where changes of all types are built, test, configure, deploy automatically and always ready for release to production environment.
In short we can say, it is a process of build software or application in such a way where we can reliably release software at any time, quickly and frequently.

Advantage of Continuous Delivery for each organization
Improve Productivity - Continuous delivery makes release process less stressful and reduces team burnout by automating the test environment and releasing the application to production. Which ultimately increases the productivity of team members. They can utilize their time on other activities of application improvement.
Quick Bug Fixing - Continuous delivery promotes release of smaller changes rapidly and frequently which provides quick finding of bugs and issues at the earlier stage of development. This allow quality codes to be pushed for further stages which means end users get quality products.
Release Updates Faster - Continuous delivery reduces the time required for changes push into production which allow faster and frequent releases of updates and improvements. This makes it possible to try new things and ideas rapidly and frequently which can work for business benefits and ultimately provides competitive advantage too.
Faster Feedback - Continuous delivery provides faster feedback from the SDLC team and from the end users too by working in small batches. This allows them to work on useful features without wasting months and months on unnecessary features. This also allows them to do new experiments and improve customer satisfaction too.
Reduce Cost - When you release big you need to invest big for successful product delivery. But, when you have CD approach in your work environment than it reduces the cost of building and conveying incremental improvements to product or application by cutting large number of the settled expenses related with the release procedure.
Faster Time to market - Continuous delivery reduces the time takes to releases significantly. Previously it takes months and months to release software for once. Now it can be done in weeks, days and sometime multiple times in a day.

What are the popular tools we have for Continuous Delivery training?
Continuous delivery implementation needs right set of tools to succeed in this process. The tools which are in practices these days by Industry for Continuous delivery pipelineare from different categories, numerous and vary broadly. We cover most of the common and popular tools which are best suited for CD pipeline process. Here is the list of tools from different categories:
For continuous integration Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo
Version Control Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Git, Perforce
Code Review Gerrit, GitHub
Configuration Management Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Vagrant
Monitoring Logstash, Graphite, Nagios, Splunk
Orchestration Chef, Puppet, Ansible
Dashboards Jenkins, Bamboo

How trained team can successfully implement Continuous Delivery practice in the project?
To make most out of CD process we need these important pieces in place: people, process and technologies. This is the reason a trained team of people is the first and foremost important thing to implement Continuous Delivery. These trained specialists can build the process and environment which can be full of cross-functional with collaboration and shared goals. Along with that they can follow best-practice patterns with correct set of automation tools for CD pipeline.

How Cotocus team can help in the Continuous Delivery training and transition?
Continuous delivery approach requires bit close and collaborative nature of work environment and relationship amongst the team members who are the part of CD pipeline with high level of discipline. This also requires automating the parts which can be done in the process by understanding and selecting the right tools and best practices of its.
Cotocus can help you in your Continuous delivery approach by working in and close by your groups, our specialists can take on leadership positions, tutoring and up-skilling your kin to build up your team for implementation and adoption.Our experts can suggest and implement various diverse tools, alongside guidance and preparing to get the most out of your CD processes.

Advantage of Cotocus over other corporate training provider?
Experienced Faculties Cotocus provides Continuous Delivery training with the help of quality and experienced trainers, mentors and coaches who has great amount of expertise and providing industries CD training, consulting and mentoring services.
Course Curriculum Our team of experts design our Continuous delivery courses curriculum as per the industry requirements which includes tried and tested best practices patterns. This will help your team to be stand in a place where they can make most out CD process.
Course Customization “One size does not fit to all” and it’s true when you need to groom your team and workforce as per your requirements.Our team of experts can discuss and prepare a program which best suited for your process.
Online & Onsite Training Cotocus provide Online training which will be Instructor led live and interactive & provide classroom training in on-premise or outside venue for corporates in which they can go with their suitable options.
Learning materials access Cotocus has a dedicated learning material system which includes Videos, Presentations, Recordings, Samples, Manuals, Projects, Assignments, Quizzes etc.. This can be accessed for lifetime.
24x7 Support We have a dedicated team of technical experts who provides 24x7 support after training.
Lab & Demo Our aim is to provide understanding and knowledge of Continuous delivery process in such a way that after completion of sessions a participant can be confident and provide quality work to their organization. This is the reason we focus more on lab and demos. Our sessions consists 70% of labs.