Recruitment & Selection

We design in such a way that is fulfil the clients dream.

Recruitment is one of our core businesses. Being in software and Inforamtion technology space and automation of IT processes we understand exactly what skill set you are looking for your IT needs. We are transforming talent acquisition by using latest recruiting technologies and assessment tools. We use analytics to optimize our recruitment channels to attract and engage IT talent. We value speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and team work.

Our recruiting platform also includes social recruiting because we believe in building relationships with our clients and candidates. We at Cotocus make sure that businesses of all sizes get the best IT talent available. We strive to connect you with best talent and all our candidates with their dream jobs where they can belong and grow.

Why us?

Experienced Consultants

Our Expertise comes from wide range of IT services that we provide to our clients. All our consultants have themselves worked in the technology sector. They can understand better what skills and characteristics you are looking for in your future employee. Being from the same field they speak the same language as you/your future employee which results in effective communication.

Personal approach:

To find the right candidate for your organization, we believe that it is essential to be personally acquainted with your organization. It helps us understand your business’s unique needs and provide you with the customized solutions. We work with you, advise you on the developments of the labor market, happily train your staff and support you with your recruitment.

Extensive candidate database:

Our database contains candidates with wide range of skill set. Most of the candidates are from our own network (mostly personal recommendations) and social recruiting approach. We have industry knowledge and know where to find the right talent and how to approach them. With our database you will have access to wide range of skill set in Information and Technology. All candidates we introduce to a client have been personally and thoroughly interviewed by us. They also have to go through an assessment test before meeting their future employer. We have successfully placed developers, testers, software engineers, devops engineers, Analytics experts, Data scientists, graphic designers etc. for our clients in India, US and Europe.

Efficient methods, fast results:

We constantly strive for improvement. We use analytics to constantly improve our recruitment processes to deliver you fast results.


As the business needs and latest developments in technology in today’s working world change faster than ever, people need to update their skill set to take on the challenges of the constantly changing business needs and technology. New attained skill sets make employees more productive and help them to achieve great success at their work places.  Increased productivity, knowledge and contribution with right employee training will guarantee a return on your investment in training. Our trainers will help you to select right training program for your IT staff.

What does that mean for your business?

If you don’t have time, money and resources for having in-house recruitment then we are here to help you.We will take all the burden of recruitment and related administration off your shoulders so that you can focus on the core business of the organization. We help you gain productivity and cost-reduction by providing efficient and cost effective recruitment solutions. With right industry knowledge we know where to look for right candidate for your vacancy. We take care of the sourcing, filtering of candidates, assessment and short-listing of the final candidates, so that you only meet potential hires. When you have found the right candidate for the job we act as a mediator for remuneration related negotiations saving you lots of time and energy.

We are committed to bring a positive change within organizations with right talent acquisition and employee training which will allow the teams to exceed their set goals with energy and efficiency.

We have successfully helped multinationals to acquire right talent, improve their employee skill set and performance.