Microservices Process Improvement

You can choose any of the service you want and get the best of it.

Micro service is recent buzz in industry and everyone seems to be talking about it, in one way or another.

Let's see what exactly it is and how it gonna help you and your organisation.
Micrso Service is rapidly getting popular architecture patterns. It is important to bear in mind that micro service requires more than just technology but a different development mindset too. Micro service is a method of developing software program applications as a set of independently deployable, small, modular offerings in which every provider runs a completely unique method and communicates through a well-described, light-weight mechanism. Companies like Amazon, eBay, Google, Netflix, Twitter, etc have adopted the concept of it in their products.

Benefits of micro service
1. As services are fairly simple and smaller in size, enterprises can afford to experiment new processes, algorithms, business logic, and so on
2. Micro service enable to implement selective scalability i.e. each service could be independently scaled up or down and cost of scaling is comparatively less than monolithic approach
3. Micro service is self-contained, independent deployment modules enabling the substitution of one micro service with another similar micro service
4. Technology changes are one of the barriers in software development. With micro service, it is possible to change or upgrade technology for each service individually
5.  Micro service also enables smaller, focused agile teams for development. Teams will be organized based on the boundaries of micro service.

How we will help your organization
1. Scope
We must ensure that each micro service should not deal with anything outside of its specific scope. API gateways or proxy could be a solution to this.
2. Data Sharing is tedious job
If your oragnisation have each micro service opts for a dedicated database, than it would be difficult to communicate among multiple databases. We will help you to develop an internal process to handle communication between databases.
3. Versioning-
Micro service tends to evolve fast. Hence, it is necessary to account for versioning of services. We will ensure to do that for you.
4. Transport and data format -
Micro service is usually exposed publicly through a RESTful API over HTTP. Any data format would work with micro service. HTTP + JSON is very widely used.
5. Failure detection -
By design, we will have multiple services catering to one application if any one of them goes down it might be difficult to track the failure as it may go unnoticed among many other services.

For clients that have not yet adopted Micro service, Cotocus works to assess the technical and organizational requirements to integrate this new technologies and practices. Cotocus focus on a technical win through a pilot of a micro services application deployed. In either case, Cotocus works with the client to ensure that technical work is aligned with the organization’s strategy and key goals.

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