Containerization Process Improvement

You can choose any of the service you want and get the best of it.

Container technology, such as Docker, has revolutionized how organizations can package and deploy applications with increased efficiencies. Container orchestration systems like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes provide management of containerized applications at scale, supporting the implementation of applications as configurations of independently-scalable services. All of these technologies, and the microservices architectures built with them, are under rapid development, with significant advances being made from release to release.

Organizations making significant investments in containers need to develop expertise in these enabling technologies to ensure that applications and supporting infrastructure can take advantage of technology improvements. Taking the time to develop skillsets and processes around a robust, reliable, and flexible toolchain is critical before pursuing a container-based deployment model. Monitoring and alerting systems become more important than ever with workloads that are exponentially larger.

How Cotous can help
For clients that have not yet adopted containers, Solinea works to assess the technical and organizational requirements to integrate these new technologies and practices. For clients with known requirements, we work to architect and implement solutions that make open source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes part of their development and operational fabric. Solinea engagements can start with strategic planning around container adoption, or focus on a technical win through a pilot of a microservices application deployed via a CI/CD toolchain. In either case, Solinea works with the client to ensure that technical work is aligned with the organization’s strategy and key goals.

Why Use Containerisation?

  • Containerisation is very efficient and can be very quick to start and stop instances
  • Users can deploy and run hundreds of containers on a single host
  • Containerisation technology has a very small footprint and offers excellent isolation
  • Containers can run on systems that are already virtualised. Nested virtualisation is a relatively new technology and not always supported, making this an extremely powerful feature

There are many companies building abstraction layers over the core Linux containerisation functionality with the most prevalent being Docker ( and Kubernutes (( Docker is widely renowned as the world’s leading software containerisation platform.