Automation & Devops

We can build automation scripts and tools for your specific environment.

Automation services help remove manual, error prone tasks from your digital services allowing people to concentrate on the quality of the service. Our engineers automate the releasing of software, testing and server provisioning, helping you to produce regular iterations of your software that’s ready to be released.

In today’s world, consumers are demanding change more frequently to react with great speed and creativity than ever.

Organisation use a tier based, lengthy structure with multiple functional groups. Each of the group runs independently and delivers services using specific technology. The functional groups maintain service level agreements that are not common across all groups in the organization. Although this traditional approach helps to achieve operational excellence, there are duplications and inefficiencies among the functional groups, which make it hard to standardise the processes across all the length. Our automation and DevOps service handle such raised IT operations.

We help by moving software testing and development to hybrid cloud environments, organisations can increase productivity, accelerate software delivery, and improve software quality. DevOps enterprise approach for continuous delivery of software can play a big part in the success. DevOps brings order to a complex world of application development, testing, deployment, scaling, and monitoring.

DevOps strives for more collaborative, productive relationships among QA, development, and operations teams. Hybrid cloud computing enables secure, role based collaboration that can drive accelerated software development and delivery. Moving software quality initiatives to hybrid cloud environments enables QA to produce higher quality software that is more in tune with user needs. In addition, virtualization technology can be used to automate software testing, allowing organizations to provide the elasticity to scale resources to optimize both software development and quality. The ability to tear down and rebuild a test environment in minutes and then to do it over and over again gives QA unprecedented control over provisioning the resources needed to test software. Automating this process so that it is visible to change control, but doesn’t require intervention or special approval to implement, reduces the time needed for testing.

We can build automation scripts and tools for your specific environment. Leveraging technologies such as Puppet and Chef. We will help you automate key operational functions so you can focus on developing industry or product specific features.

We can help you in coordinating and synchronising all the activities of different functional groups to maintain alignment, improve quality and lower cost. We develop a cross functional layer with DevOps and Automation Service to reduce process inefficiencies and achieve operational excellence. This layer stitches together service experience from various functional groups to deliver high-quality operations. It also measures the effectiveness of the processes and delivers improved services.